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hello friends!! if i need your address to send you Stuff and Things please put it here with your full name!

also if you're allergic to any foods please tell me that too since i often send candy and i don't want to make anyone sick ;u;

all comments are screened so no need to fear!
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step one. Add me as a friend! I'm Cee and my friend code is 2809-9093-2313.
step two. Look at my directory below and find the appropriate comment.
step three. Fill out this form and post it to that comment!

Friend Code: So I can add you back!
Pokémon You Want: Please indicate which Pokémon you want here! I usually have multiples of Pokémon available, so I'll be labelling them with numbers. So, this section would look like "Eevee 001".
Pokémon You're Trading: What you'll be giving in exchange! I'm not very picky, especially if we're friends, so don't stress too much about this part. See my wishlist if you're worried! It's fine to list a few different options here, too.
Preferred Nickname: If you'd like your new Pokémon to have a specific nickname, please leave it here so I can name them for you!


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see also: lapse in judgment, sanity, and reasonable amounts of time to go without sleep

first, find out what your hero wants, then just follow him )

i'll probably assume that you mean whatever CR we have between our characters (if we have it!), but if that's not the case (or if the case is that we have CR with multiple characters), please specify which character of yours and which character of mine you'd like featured. :)