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Enma Ai
To Buy
→brown mary-janes
→false eyelashes
To Make
→cut and style wig
→pattern, cut, and sew skirt; measure for waistband and for pleats
→pattern, cut, and sew shirt; shirt proper, collar, and cuffs
→cut and sew neck ribbon

To Buy
→black men's dress shoes
→white dress shirt
→tan sweatervest
→brown sharpies to colour wig
→green coloured contacts
→plain black belt
→knife sheathe and prop knife
To Make
→cut and style wig
→violet animus collar...somehow
→magic wand

Princess Kraehe
To Buy
→black ribbon
→black ballet shoes
→sheer black tights
→adhesive boob cup things
→hoop skirt wire and fabric
→clear straps
To Make
→style wig with feathers
→BS black pointe shoes
→paint fake nails
→trim and style fake eyelashes
→construct hoop skirt
→feather cowlick headpiece
→pattern, cut, and sew bodice
→pattern, cut, and sew overskirt

To Buy
→black fabric; outer fabric and lining for coat and fabric for hat
→black zentai
→interfacing, base, and lining for hat
→white fabric for face details
→cigarette holder
→bright green fabric
→green electroluminescent tape
→insoles + felt for "shoes"
To Make
→pattern, cut, and sew coat
→figure out where to put battery pack for EL tape
→joint system with the zentai suit? probably won't have time
→cover hat base and measure circumference to cut and sew brim
→detail face of the zentai with white
→glue insoles into zentai and felt to the bottom of the feet
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