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Anime Expo

Princess Kraehe
→buy short black wig
→style wig
→buy feathers; downy feathers for wig, rooster feather for cowlick, turkey feathers for tutu
→buy fabric for dress; main fabric and tulle
→figure out how to BS black pointe shoes
→fake nails
→red contacts
→feathered fake eyelashes
→find sheer tights i know i have them lying around somewhere
Nice Holystone
→buy wig
→sew pocket into boot maybe
→find something to put over eye for prosthetics
→more liquid latex
→cherry bomb props
Rika Furude
→sturdier/more realistic prop knife
China (WW2)
→find the bandages for the feet


Enma Ai
→buy and cut black wig
→buy fabric for seifuku; black (main), white (collar), red (ribbon), black bias tape (collar), white bias tape (cuffs)
→navy socks i think i have lying around somewhere
→those fucking dumb brown dress shoes WHY ARE YOU WEARING BROWN SHOES WITH A BLACK UNIFORM
→red contacts
→pale foundation
→false lashes
→straw doll props
Meulin Leijon
→dig out old magnets from horns
→new magnets for horns fucking hell
→also probably a new coat of paint on those fuckers
→fabric, stuffing, wire for tail
→ olive socks
→match and buy shirt fabric to sock color
→black button-up
→find and reuse Rika's shoes yeah!!!
→black fabric for symbol
→look into Kryolan makeup
→makeup sealers SIIIIIGH
Roxy Lalonde (trickster)
→buy and style teal wig
→pink extensions for wig
→fabric; yellow (shirt and stockings), green (skirt, shirt sleeves, armbands, symbol), teal (stockings; MUST MATCH WIG), pink (scarf), blue (scarf), red (shirt trim, armbands)
→chucks or knock-off chucks to paint pink and yellow
→pink and yellow paint for said chucks
→pink contacts
→look into crazy lipstick and eyeshadow colours maybe
→figure out what to make the ice cream headpiece out of
→black fabric for symbol
→alternative for stockings: buy tights, make leg double, paint the tights
→potentially giant lollipop but that is an impossible dream
John Egbert (god tier)
→try buffing the rubber and then repainting the shoes
→re-style wig


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