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Axis Powers: Hetalia

[personal profile] keepscalm →England (Modern-day)
Parts of lines from Shakespeare's sonnets.
[personal profile] letterofmarque →England (1600s; piracy era)
Lyrics from various sea shanties.
[personal profile] monarchies →England (Late 1700s; Revolutionary era)
Lyrics from We'll Meet Again by Ross Parker, a British WW2-era song.
[personal profile] doyouhaveaflag →England (1800s; Second British Empire)
Lyrics from Don't Mess With Me by Temposhark.
[personal profile] industrialised →England (1960s)
[personal profile] godsaved →England (Nyotalia; modern-day)
From a poem written on a wall at Woodstock by Elizabeth I.
[personal profile] outgrabes →England (2P)
PLANNED: lines of poetry featured in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.
[personal profile] heavenlypolice →Arthur Kirkland (Colour Police AU)
The British right to silence.
[personal profile] pixietea →England (Canon point undecided)
[personal profile] portvictoria →Seychelles (Modern-day)
Translated lines of the Seychelles' national anthem.
[personal profile] triplereligion →Vietnam (Modern-day)
Translated lines of poetry by Hồ Xuân Hương.
[personal profile] madein →China (Modern-day)
PLANNED: translated lines of chinese poetry
[personal profile] untrodden →America (Modern-day)
Lyrics from The Remedy by Jason Mraz.
[personal profile] burntheashes →America (Fahrenheit 451 AU)
Quotes from books featured in Fahrenheit 451, marked by page numbers.

Kingdom Hearts

[personal profile] prayerless →Aqua (Post-Birth by Sleep)
PLANNED: command names
[personal profile] respiteless →Vanitas (Canon point undecided)
[personal profile] starless →Kairi (Canon point undecided)
[personal profile] colourless →Naminé (Canon point undecided)
Various artistic media.
[personal profile] dirgeless →Xion (Canon point undecided)

Shin Megami Tensei

[personal profile] erebusbane →Female Protagonist (P3) (Post-P3P/'tato AU)
Quotes from the final fight with the Nyx Avatar and Mr. Edogawa's lecture on the major arcana, as well as names of tracks that are P3P exclusive.
[personal profile] athenashand →Aigis (Canon point undecided/'tato AU)
Lyrics from the remixed FES intro song.
[personal profile] rejectedpsyche →Metis (Canon point undecided/'tato AU)
Locations in Hell from Dante's Inferno, and one in Heaven from Paradiso; also some of the names found in the Desert of Doors.
[personal profile] soulperch →Yukiko Amagi (Canon point undecided)
[personal profile] petitejustice →Nanako Dojima (Canon point undecided)
[personal profile] withmybearhands →Teddie (Canon point undecided)
PLANNED: bear puns


[personal profile] schrodingers →Dave Strider (Canon point undecided)
[personal profile] idkmybffsy →Roxy Lalonde (Canon point undecided)
Various cocktails (I think they're vodka-based cocktails?? double-check that).
[personal profile] dryrun →Roxy Lalonde (After going God Tier)
Lyrics from Message In A Bottle by The Police.
[personal profile] ichooseu →Calliope (Canon point undecided)
[personal profile] missuniverse →Snowman (Canon point undecided)
[personal profile] phosphoresce →Porrim Maryam (Canon point undecided)
[personal profile] gloomyapoplectic →Kanaya Maryam (Red Dead Virgo AU; end of Ouroborous)
Lyrics from Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.
[personal profile] doomsalot →Terezi Pyrope (Red Dead Virgo AU; canon point undecided)
Commands I pulled out of my ass.
[personal profile] platonist →Mairin Kunapa/The Stowaway (Red Dead Virgo AU; canon point undecided)

No More Heroes

[personal profile] beercans →Bad Girl (Canon point undecided)
Baseball terms followed by lyrics from Cannibal by Ke$ha, Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry, and Pound the Alarm by Nicki Minaj.
[personal profile] nomoreparadise →Jeane (Canon point undecided)
PLANNED: martial arts moves maybe

The Hunger Games

[personal profile] takesflight →Rue (Canon point undecided)
Lyrics from the lullaby that Katniss sings to her and Prim.
[personal profile] secretdealing →Finnick Odair (Canon point undecided)


[personal profile] bombshells →Nice Holystone (Canon point undecided)

Puella Magi☆Madoka Magica

[personal profile] teacapitation →Mami Tomoe (Canon point undecided)
[personal profile] walpurges →Homura Akemi (Canon point undecided)
N/A idk ask Matchy

Hell Girl

[personal profile] covenants →Enma Ai (Canon point undecided)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

[personal profile] interfacing →Yuki Nagato (Canon point undecided)

Princess Tutu

[personal profile] ducktale →Duck (Canon point undecided)
PLANNED: names of ballets???
[personal profile] schwanenlied →Princess Tutu (Canon point undecided)
PLANNED: ballet terms
[personal profile] stagnates →Rue (Canon point undecided)


[personal profile] dogmata →Amaterasu (Canon point undecided)
PLANNED: god techniques?

Doctor Who

[personal profile] fairytalename →Amelia Pond (A few days after The Eleventh Hour)

Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal

[personal profile] elfgear →Eggie (Canon point undecided)

Fahrenheit 451

[personal profile] antisocialite →Clarisse McClellan (Canon point undecided)
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