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Axis Powers: Hetalia

[personal profile] keepscalm →England (Modern-day)
From the famous British WW2 propaganda slogan, "Keep calm and carry on".
[personal profile] letterofmarque →England (1600s; piracy era)
A "Letter of Marque and Reprisal" was a license authorising privateers to attack and capture enemy vessels.
[personal profile] monarchies →England (Late 1700s; Revolutionary era)
Obvious. England wanted the colonies to stay with the monarchy.
[personal profile] doyouhaveaflag →England (1800s; Victorian Era/Second British Empire)
From Eddie Izzard's famous Dress to Kill sketch about British imperialism.
[personal profile] neversetson →England (1910s; WWI?)
From "the empire on which the sun never sets", a phrase used to describe empires that had large amounts of territory around the globe.
[personal profile] shallnotburn →England (1940s; WWII)
From Herbert Morrison's radio appeal for more fire guards, "Britain shall not burn," during WW2.
[personal profile] industrialised →England (1960s)
A reference to the music industry, and also industrial piercings. Can apply to the post-punk industrial music movement too, but that didn't occur until the 70s.
[personal profile] godsaved →England (Nyotalia; modern-day)
From the British national anthem, "God Save the Queen".
[personal profile] lytling →England (tentatively 11th century)
From Old English "lýtling", meaning a "little one" or an insignificant child.
[personal profile] outgrabes →England (2P)
"All mimsy were the borogoves, and the mome raths outgrabe", from Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, featured in Through The Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There.
[personal profile] heavenlypolice →Arthur Kirkland (Colour Police AU)
Rome's song explaining Heaven, in which the police are British.
[personal profile] pixietea →England (Canon point undecided)
"Pixie tea" is tea sweetened with an excess of sugar. As sugar used to be a commodity, pixie tea would have actually been a luxury. Also, England talks to pixies.
[personal profile] sodomight →Arthur Kirkland (Sweet Devil AU)
this is naya's fault
[personal profile] portvictoria →Seychelles (Modern-day)
The capital of Seychelles is Victoria, which is a port city.
[personal profile] triplereligion →Vietnam (Modern-day)
Religion in Vietnam is defined by the East Asian mix of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism, which is called the Tam Giáo, or "triple religion".
[personal profile] madein →China (Modern-day)
How often do you not see "Made in China" printed on something? Matches [personal profile] shippingfrom
[personal profile] knifewife →Belarus (Modern-day)
She wields a knife and wants to be Russia's wife.
[personal profile] untrodden →America (Modern-day)
From the famous phrase on the Gadsden flag, "Don't tread on me".
[personal profile] burntheashes →America (Fahrenheit 451 AU)
From "burn 'em to ashes, then burn the ashes", the "official slogan" of the firemen in Fahrenheit 451.

Kingdom Hearts

[personal profile] prayerless →Aqua (Post-Birth by Sleep)
Aqua does not sit around and pray; she acts. She also eventually proceeds beyond the point of prayer or hope after being trapped in the realm of darkness. Matches [personal profile] forceless
[personal profile] respiteless →Vanitas (Canon point undecided)
A respite is a rest. Vanitas never gives anyone a rest, and he's fairly restless himself.
[personal profile] starless →Kairi (Canon point undecided)
Stars are a recurring motif in Kingdom Hearts; Kairi's lucky charm is a star (and she gives it to Sora, so she is "starless" in that regard), and there is the thought that all the stars are actually worlds (Kairi doesn't live on her homeworld). Of course, there is also just the concept of wishing on a star, which Kairi has likely grown beyond at this point.
[personal profile] colourless →Naminé (Canon point undecided)
White is the dominating color of the motifs relating to Naminé, and it's symbolic of her emptiness as a Nobody.
[personal profile] dirgeless →Xion (Canon point undecided)
A dirge is a song played at a funeral; Xion is not remembered after her death, and is thus given no funeral and played no dirge. Matches [personal profile] lamentless

Shin Megami Tensei

[personal profile] erebusbane →Female Protagonist (P3) (Post-P3P/'tato AU)
Reference to her role as the Great Seal and her task to keep Erebus away from humanity. Matches [personal profile] nyxbane
[personal profile] athenashand →Aigis (Canon point undecided/'tato AU)
Athena is Aigis' Persona and the goddess of defensive warfare; Aigis herself has a purpose to protect. She is also Athena's vessel -- so, metaphorically and physically, she could be considered Athena's hand.
[personal profile] responsetime →Aigis (The Answer)
explanation here
[personal profile] prophesizing →Fuuka Yamagishi (Canon point undecided)
explanation here
[personal profile] lifesblood →Chidori Yoshino (Canon point undecided)
explanation here
[personal profile] rejectedpsyche →Metis (Canon point undecided/'tato AU)
Metis is the part of Aigis' psyche that she rejected following the main character's death. Also, Psyche is Metis' Persona.
[personal profile] soulperch →Yukiko Amagi (Canon point undecided)
From Emily Dickinson's Hope Is the Thing With Feathers. ("Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul") Goes with the bird imagery of Yukiko's Shadow, and said Shadow being part of the sea of her soul, hence "perching" in her soul.
[personal profile] petitejustice →Nanako Dojima (Canon point undecided)
Nanako is of the Justice arcana and is also petite. Matches [ profile] littlestjustice
[personal profile] withmybearhands →Teddie (Canon point undecided)
Self-explanatory. Teddie likes bear puns.


[personal profile] idkmybffsy →Roxy Lalonde (Canon point undecided)
From this Cingular/AT&T commercial (which spawned the "idk my bff jill" meme) and Roxy's reference to Jane as her "bffsy".
[personal profile] dryrun →Roxy Lalonde (After going God Tier)
A play on Roxy's programming skills and sobriety. A place that prohibits the sale of alcohol is usually referred to as a "dry" county or state. A "dry run" in programming is when a programmer mentally goes through lines of code and notes what they should do upon execution.
[personal profile] ichooseu →Calliope (Canon point undecided)
A direct quote from Calliope while talking to Roxy, and Roxy gives her the options of "y/n/u". She chooses U.
[personal profile] missuniverse →Snowman (Canon point undecided)
A play on the "Miss Universe" beauty pageant and Snowman literally being the trolls' universe.
[personal profile] prospitianmonarf →Peregrine Mendicant (Post-prototype)
A really terrible dog-related pun on PM's new title, the Prospitian Monarch. "Arf" is a dog sound.
[personal profile] phosphoresce →Porrim Maryam (Canon point undecided)
Porrim says to Meenah that she wouldn't be of much use in a fight with Lord English except to "eerily pho+spho+resce" in his direction.
[personal profile] upskirt →Damara Megido (Canon point undecided)
The concept of upskirting, or to look up a girl's skirt and/or take pictures up her skirt, is a concern in Japan. Damara is fake troll Japanese and wears a school uniform, which makes her a prime candidate for upskirting. Not that she would probably mind.
[personal profile] gloomyapoplectic →Kanaya Maryam (Red Dead Virgo AU; end of Ouroborous)
Kanaya's Trollian handle.
[personal profile] doomsalot →Terezi Pyrope (Red Dead Virgo AU; canon point undecided)
Karkat tells Terezi to "LAUGH IT UP, DOOMSALOT" in one of their pesterlogs.
[personal profile] outscandaled →Kanaya Maryam (Red Dead Virgo AU; bodyswap)
A bodyswap account for RDV!Kanaya in RDV!Karkat's body. From a thread in Animus where they were being stupid and talking about scandals.
[personal profile] platonist →Mairin Kunapa/The Stowaway (Red Dead Virgo AU; canon point undecided)
Related to the teachings of Plato. A "platonist" can be someone who believes in an ideal Form of something, and that everything in the material world is an imperfect copy of that Form. Sort of related to Mairin's dreams of equality compared to the actual state of the world she lives in.

No More Heroes

[personal profile] beercans →Bad Girl (Canon point undecided)
She's an alcoholic with a fridge full of beer cans.
[personal profile] nomoreparadise →Jeane (Canon point undecided)
blah blah travis going on about paradise at the end of the first game fuck i'll do this later. matches [personal profile] nomoreriot
[personal profile] philistines →Margaret Moonlight (Canon point undecided)
Margaret's theme song is titled "Philistine".

Steven Universe

[personal profile] pearlouette →Pearl (Canon point undecided)
A portmanteau of "pearl" and "pirouette".
[personal profile] tetrahedrons →Peridot (Canon point undecided)
Peridot's hair and the peridot crystal formations are shaped like tetrahedrons.
[personal profile] crosscurrent →Lapis Lazuli (Canon point undecided)
explanation goes here

The Hunger Games

[personal profile] takesflight →Rue (Canon point undecided)
Rue has birds as an overarching motif, and she jumps through the trees as if flying.
[personal profile] secretdealing →Finnick Odair (Canon point undecided)
Finnick is paid in secrets; additionally, most of his business is done in secret. His involvement in the plan to escape the Quarter Quell was also a secret.
[personal profile] unquellable →Katniss Everdeen (CF; mid-Quarter Quell)
The effect that Katniss has on the districts is unquellable, and as the Quarter Quell fails to kill her, she's also unquellable in a more literal sense.
[personal profile] dissension →Katniss Everdeen (Mockingjay)
She's the catalyst for the dissension in Panem, which comes to a head in Mockingjay.
[personal profile] ticktocked →Wiress (Canon point undecided)
Self-explanatory. Wiress repeated "tick tock" when she realised the arena was a clock.

Legend of Zelda

[personal profile] locomotives →Princess Zelda (Spirit Tracks; canon point undecided)
A train can also be referred to as a locomotive; additionally, there is wordplay on "motives", as Zelda's motives involve...well, locomotives, obviously.
[personal profile] imparted →Impa (Ocarina of Time; canon point undecided)
Impa's name comes from "imparted", which likely refers to how she imparted the wisdom of the Sheikah unto Zelda.
[personal profile] shellfishnature →Ruto (Ocarina of Time; canon point undecided)
Ruto is said in canon to have a "selfish nature", so shellfish is an aquatic pun on selfish.
[personal profile] foliated →Saria (Ocarina of Time; canon point undecided)
"Foliated" means "resembling a leaf". Saria's signature colour is green, like leaves, and it also refers to her connection to the forest and the Forest Temple.

Zero Escape

[personal profile] computational →Lotus/Hazuki Kashiwabara (Canon point undecided)
explanation goes here
[personal profile] schrodingers →Phi (Virtue's Last Reward)
Schrodinger's cat is a well-known quantum physics thought experiment, touching on when a superposition (when a given thing simultaneously exists in all possible states at once) collapses to give the one result that is ultimately observed -- e.g. a cat in a closed box which could be either dead or alive depending on a random event. According to the many-worlds interpretation, each possibility branches off into its own reality (e.g. one universe where the cat is alive and one where it is dead). This fuckin shit comes up constantly in the Zero Escape series i mean really.
[personal profile] antecedents →Phi (Zero Time Dilemma)
explanation goes here
[personal profile] runaround →Luna (Canon point undecided)
explanation goes here


[personal profile] bombshells →Nice Holystone (Canon point undecided)
Nice likes explosives and is attractive, and is therefore a "bombshell".

Puella Magi☆Madoka Magica

[personal profile] teacapitation →Mami Tomoe (Canon point undecided)
Terrible portmanteau of "tea" and "decapitation". Mami likes tea and gets decapitated.
[personal profile] walpurges →Homura Akemi (Canon point undecided)
Homura plans to purge Walpurgisnacht.

Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

[personal profile] matronize →Katara (Season 3)
"Matronize" means to act as a matron to or toward, which Katara does for their friends. It also plays on "patronize", which can mean to be condescending towards, something that Katara sometimes unintentionally does with her motherly behaviour. UrbanDictionary also gives a helpful definition of "matronizing": Acting in a kind fashion which belies a brutal, motherly and domineering intention. Katara can definitely be brutal and domineering.
[personal profile] rumbler →Toph Beifong (Season 3)
Toph competes in the competition Earth Rumble, which makes her a "rumbler". Plus, she moves earth, so she creates rumbles in that way.
[personal profile] transpolar →Korra (Season 3)
"Transpolar" means crossing a polar region; the portals to the spirit world that were opened by Korra connect the North and South Poles, so they could be considered "transpolar" in the same way that a railroad might be "transcontinental". Plus, Korra herself is from the Southern Water Tribe, and she has crossed both the North and South Poles.
[personal profile] outwresting →Kuvira (Season 4)
"Outwresting" is another term for extortion, which is basically how Kuvira is uniting the Earth Kingdom.
[personal profile] seismism →Lin Beifong (Season 4)
explanation goes here
[personal profile] hydrodynamics →Ming-hua (Season 4)
explanation goes here

Hell Girl

[personal profile] covenants →Enma Ai (Canon point undecided)
A covenant is an agreement between two or more people to do (or not do) something specified. Ai offers covenants to the victims that access Hell Correspondence; she will take their target to Hell, but in exchange, the victim will also go to Hell when they die.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

[personal profile] interfacing →Yuki Nagato (Canon point undecided)
Yuki is a humanoid interface for the Data Integrated Thought Entity. She is the middle man between it and humanity; hence, "interfacing".

Princess Tutu

[personal profile] ducktale →Duck (Canon point undecided)
Play on words with "tail" and "tale". Duck is obviously a literal duck, and the story (both of the anime and in the anime) is her tale.
[personal profile] schwanenlied →Princess Tutu (Canon point undecided)
German for "swan song". Tutu's theme is swans, and returning the last shard of the prince's heart to him is her swan song. Additionally, Tutu is cursed to remain silent about her love for the prince; if she speaks it, she will disappear, meaning those words of love would be her swan song.
[personal profile] stagnates →Rue (Canon point undecided)
Rue herself admits that she wants things to stay the same. Thus, she stagnates.


[personal profile] dogmata →Amaterasu (Canon point undecided)
Plural of "dogma", a doctrine of beliefs for a religion. Amaterasu is a Shinto goddess. Also just a terrible wordplay/pun.


[personal profile] faculae →Rapunzel (Canon point undecided)
explanation goes here

Fatal Frame

[personal profile] aposematism →Sae Kurosawa (Canon point undecided)
Explanation goes here.


[personal profile] omnitooled →Catherine Chun (Canon point undecided)
explanation goes here

Doctor Who

[personal profile] fairytalename →Amelia Pond (A few days after The Eleventh Hour)
The Doctor describes "Amelia Pond" as a "fairytale" name.


[personal profile] mortification →Simon Bellamy (Season 2)
Simon has the power of invisibility. When he first gets it, he can't control it; he can only turn invisible when he's embarrassed (or, mortified).
[personal profile] chavs →Kelly Bailey (Season 2)
Kelly is stereotyped as a chav.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

[personal profile] servicewoman →Margaret "Peggy" Carter (Canon point undecided)
explanation goes here

Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal

[personal profile] elfgear →Eggie (Canon point undecided)
The Pokegear is engrished up to "elfgear" in VietCrystal.

Fahrenheit 451

[personal profile] antisocialite →Clarisse McClellan (Canon point undecided)
A portmanteau of "antisocial" and "socialite". Clarisse is called "antisocial" by her teachers and psychiatrist for being different, but she considers herself to be very social.

Soul Eater

[personal profile] phonocamptic →Maka Albarn (Canon point undecided)

Orange is the New Black

[personal profile] twostrikes →Galina "Red" Reznikov (Season 2)
Red says she gives people two strikes, because "Russians don't play baseball."

Original Characters

[personal profile] misshear →Ace Crossings-Hear (Canon point undecided)
Her last name is Hear. A pun on "mishear".
[personal profile] lilaclightning →Remiel Bannalyne (Canon point undecided)
A dumb old joke from a tag that was presumably written in the dredges of sleep deprivation. He wears purple, he ran fast, the narration referred to him as "lilac lightning".
[personal profile] catchyourbreath →Hana Hale (Canon point undecided)
Hana is an exokinetic, or someone who can remove the air from something to create a vacuum. She can "catch" the breath of other people. On the flipside, she sometimes loses control and takes her own air, so she must catch her breath after doing so.
[personal profile] gaveavoice →Ailin Armani (Canon point undecided)
Ailin is a signer/interpreter for a mute attorney; in a sense, she gives him a voice. Will match [profile] haveavoice when Gaa makes the journal.
[personal profile] teawithcorpses →Cassiel Bannalyne (Canon point undecided)
Cass has tea with corpses sometimes. Normal.
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