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John Egbert (Heir of Breath)
→style wig
→dye and paint shoes
→find glasses
→blue contacts would be cool too
→zillyhoo hahahahahaha yeah right

Kanaya Maryam (Red Dead Virgo; clean outfit)
→finish cape; sewing, tattering, and aging
→Virgo cape fastener
→buy fabric+elastic, cut out, sew, pattern skirt
→buy model magic and paint(?) to remake horns
→super magnets for horns
→maybe style wig some more
→lol contacts lolol
→chainsaw????? am i stupid i must be
→tooth black would be cool too for that dumb missing fang but ehhhhhhh

Jade Harley (Witch of Space)
→hood and also buttons for hood
→dye fabric for hood??? potentially
→cut+sew skirt
→cut+sew shirt
→buy styrofoam balls and fishing line for planets
→oh god does Plus have stuff for ears i hope she does

Dave Strider (Knight of Time)
→try to find maroon jammies to go under it will make life so much easier
→if that fails, basic red tee-shirt and cheat the underlayer
→maroon fabric for pants, sleeves, and cape+hood
→symbol and bias tape for pants stripes
→turntables would be rad but l o l ain't nobody got time for that

Meulin Leijon
→model magic+paint for horns
→magnets for horns maybe (scared they won't hold up tho)
→fabric, stuffing, wire for tail
→ olive socks and fabric for vest
→black button-up
→find and reuse Rika's shoes yeah!!!
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